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Post- Scriptum. — The two following most interesting cases silagra 100 mg came to my knowledge too late to be incorporated in the tables and deductions, but they buy silagra speak eioquently for themselves : I. S. Duplay (61), of Paris, reports a case of simultaneous double aneurysm of the superficial femoral (about the middle third) and of the popliteal, on the same side ; elastic com- pression after Reid's silagra price method ; cure. order silagra Six years later the same patient returned with about the same aneurysms on the opi)0- site limb silagra online ; elastic compression was applied, but failed ; liga- ture of the superficial femoral at the apex of Scarpa's tri- angle; cure. II. Brown (62) reports the case of a woman, aged forty- three years, affected with simultaneous double aneurysm of the right limb. The upper aneurysm, of the size of a cocoauut, extended above Poupart's ligament, cheap silagra and was on the verge of rupturing; the second or lower aneurysm was in the middle third of the superficial femoral. On account of the high position of the first aneurysm, which prevented any of the usual operations being performed, transperitoneal ligation 554 BODENHAMER: EQUITA'IION AlW B[GYCLI^(L [X. Y. Med. Jodb., of rlie external iliac was decided upon, in Trendelenburg's posture; the abdominal wound did well, but ijanfrrene of the leg necessitated amputation, and the i)atient died two montlis and a half later. lirown tiiinks that the transperitoneal method is buy cheap silagra the one silagra tablet to be generally adojjted. lUhliograjjhy. 1. Wiilter Rivington. Clinical Societifn 'rranmcfionx, Lon- buy silagra online Society, Lon- don, 1869, XX, p. 114. 8. Godwin. Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, 1888 ; quoted in Hajous's Annual, 1888, vol. ii, p. 255. 9. Ildwkins, Clement. Lancet, 1846, vol. ii, p. i)0. 10. Fontaine. Gazette des hopitaux, Paris, 18(;i, xxxiv, p. 263. 11. Gaston, J. McF. Southern Medical Record, Atlanta, 1887; also Gaillard\s\Medical Journal, 1887. This journal only contains the full account. 12. Morton, James, and McGhirc. Glasgow Medical Journal, 1860-'61, generic silagra vol. viii, p. 450. McGhire is the editor. His name is mentioned here because the case is attributed to him in the silagra 50 Judex Medicus. 13. Boughter, J. Frazer. Phihidelphia Medical Times, 1871, vol. ii, p. 7. 14. Munro. Donald. Essays, Physical and Litera/ry, 1771, iii; quoted silagra uk by Gillette in Dechambre's Dictionnaire, Paris, 4879. Article, Artere crurale, p. 666. 15. Walton, Haynes. Transactions of the Pathological So- ciety, London, 1853, silagra tablets p. 54. 16. Solly. Lancet, 1854, vol. i, p. 533. 17. Diver, Thomas. Lancet, 1874, vol. i, p. 509. 18. Ensor, F. Lancet, 1893, vol. ii, p. 27. 1 9. Bryant, Thomas. Private communication to the writer, dated London, 66 Grosvenor Street, April 10, 1895. 20. Erichsen. Science and Art of Surgery, 1885, vol. ii, p. 248. 21. Gross, S. D. System of Surgery, 1882, p. 772. 22. Crisp. silagra 50 mg Quoted by Erichsen, op. cit., p. 255. 23. Erichsen. Op. cit., p. 255. 24. Gross. Op. cit., p. order silagra online 772. 25. Vidal de Cassis. Pathologic externe, 1846, vol. purchase silagra ii, p. 59. Erichsen. Op. cit., p. 234. Erichsen, also Porter's case. Op. cit., p. 214. Erichsen. Op. cit., p. 259. Gross. Op. cit., p. 774. Packard. Holmes's System of Surgery, 1881, vol. ii, [). 441. 31. J. Ashhurst, silagra cipla Jr. Principles and Practice of Surcf cry, 1885, p. 604. 32. Norris and Cutler. cheapest silagra In Holmes, op. cit., p. 442. 33. J. Ashhurst, Jr. Op. cit., p. 604. 34. Erichsen. Op. cit., p. 258.

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