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In reviewing older methods the contrast is very marked. Eighteen years ago I was taught by one of the best special- ists in this country to swab out the throat with a solution of silver nitrate, and make similar applications to the lower turbinated bodies if they were thickened. I regret to say that that man — conscientious and honest — met with such poor results, as he told me, that he determined to give up this special work and devote himself to general medicine, and he is to-day in general practice one of the best. cheap lexapro canada The evolution of modern methods has been slow and labored, but persistent and successful. In no department of surgery have there been prescription discount lexapro greater improvements than in the treatment of nose and throat diseases. I well remem- ber attending a clinic in Charity Hospital, New York, in ISVe, at which Professor Lister did an operation demon- strating his then new theory of antisepsis and disinfection. What marvelous changes have grown from that theory buy discount lexapro ! We might inquire how a mere contact of surfaces (that discount lexapro online ought not to touch) in the nose can cause so much trouble. I answer : 1. The immediate local effect upon two surfaces so sensitive must be irritating, evinced by a tendency to sneeze, by local pain, etc. 2. The nose, being an important organ, directly com- municating with the brain and all other organs in the average cost generic lexapro head, must be carefully guarded ; hence there are numerous re- flex irritations resulting from this primary cause. 3. Secretions, which are normally profuse in the nose, amounting to five or six drachms an hour, are retained by this artificial dam, become acrid, overflow their bounds, irritate adjacent parts, and produce congestions and inflam- mations — e. ff., rhinitis, pharyngitis, faucitis, amygdalitis, and laryngitis. 4. By extension of these induced troubles to other organs — the lacrymal ducts, the Ilustachian tubes and middle ears, the accessory sinuses, discount lexapro coupons pharynx, fauces, lungs, and stomach. Ninety two percent, of cases of otitis media are induced by extension of nasal inflammation. The effort to breathe through an obstructed nostril produces a partial vacuum, acting as a cheap lexapro alternative cupping lexapro price generic glass, and causing congestion alternat- ing with undue pressure in the tubes discount lexapro no prescription and middle ears. Acrid or purulent secretions are forced into the orifices of the tubes by this pressure, and deafness results in many cases. I have by no means exhausted the list of evils resulting from obstructions in the nose, but I have mentioned enough lexapro price per pill to call your attention to the importance of the sub- ject and convince you that the ounce of prevention — re- moving the cause — is worth many times the pound of cure. Adenoids at the vault lexapro price of the pharynx (a secondary dis- ease of childhood) must be removed with forceps or curette, and should be done while the patient is under the influ- ence of an anaesthetic. It is not so important to excise enlarged faucial tonsils as to cure the cause. I rarely find it necessary to discount lexapro cut them, preferring to take away the irritant. The disease is not often inherent in the tonsil. We should punish the culprit and not the victim. Wrongs are not righted by deploring them, neither are they corrected by counteracting their evil effects. So dis- eases are not cured by treating their symptoms, or sup- pressed by doctoring their results. The terms of success are not subject to revision. Modern methods are founded upon a knowledge of cause and effect. Like labor in childbirth, effort may be spasmodic, but the more constant it is the better. Cures are always difficult and never ac- quired unless we pay the price. We have to deal with organs that are constantly in use, never at rest. Organs of so much importance as the nose are always protected by Nature in a special manner ; but when we consider the excessive exposure to infections — malarial and bacteriological — to dust and noisome gases, to traumatisms and distortions, we wonder only that we are yet alive. No. 123 East Thirtv-sixth Street. DIGITALIS. By JAMES E. FREE, M. D.. BILI.INOS, MONTANA. Digitalis has a wide range of usefulness. Experience teaches the physician to pick out of the materia medica the prize-winners. At fifty we do lexapro price comparison not have so many remedies for disease as at twenty-five. Every milestone on the road to success is disfigured with broken bottles and spilled elixirs of life. If the therapeutic effect of digitalis is known there need be no timidity in using it. Emergencies arise where it is necessary to push it to the danger discount lexapro card line. I once supposed that ten minims of the tincture was the maximum dose, and have a good many crows to pick with the drug as a heart tonic. When heroic doses are needed, there are some finger boards to be watched. Twenty minims may make generic lexapro price drop the patient balk. Nothing is so aggravating as the chronic balker; but if vomiting, headache, vertigo, duplex pulse, slow pulse supervene while digitalis is being given, the patient has gone and done it, and we must ease up on our principles as well as the dose. This is not always so easy as rfe- looks. After a score of years, persistently profess- ing never to have lost a patient get discount lexapro with a certain method of cheap lexapro online treatment, it makes lexapro discount program a man feel like a firecracker after it has exploded to see death in the pot for the patient. Pro- fessor John S. Lynch, of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore, used to be proud of his success in the management of dysentery. Some time after deliver- ing a lecture on the subject, he referred to the matter and said he had met his Waterloo in a bloody flux. There is a short list of tonics for a feeble heart. Digi- talis is at the head ; next come strophanthus, alcohol, nitro- glycerin, caffeine, strychnine, convallaria. None are so powerful as cheap lexapro no prescription the first, with the exception, perhaps, of the second, and none at all so reliable. The new-fangled Oct. 20, 1895.]

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